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pay attention…

jasper johns: land’s end

Posted on June 30, 2012 by aks

Land’s End, 1963, SFMoMA

Memory leads me back to Jasper Johns this week for inspiration.

I just finished a woodworking class where I made a table with a round top. In order to cut a perfect circle, my amazing teacher built a jig for the bandsaw from scratch.  The process of watching her build the jig and then being able to use it to cut the wood made me recall paintings by Jasper Johns where he uses a device to trace a circle and sometimes leaves the device attached to the canvas.

I had a hard time tracking down all the paintings where he uses this technique, but a few are listed below and I will slowly add links to them as I can find where they are!  Land’s End is one painting that I know because I always make a stop to see it when I visit the collection at SFMoMA.

Good Time Charley, 1961
Device, 1962
Passage, 1962
Diver, 1962-3
Periscope, 1963
Land’s End, 1963
Voice, 1964-7