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pay attention…

andy goldsworthy: drawn stone

Posted on August 5, 2012 by aks

I am getting more comfortable with the idea of art existing outside the practice of traditional drawing with a pencil and paper and here is an example of a beautiful line drawn in stone by one of my all time favorite sculptors.

What I like the most about this video of Andy Goldsworthy describing the ‘Drawn Stone’ installation at the deYoung museum is how we learn how deliberate and careful he had to be to get the drawn stone line to look as effortless as it does.

I’m surprised to see how many of his large scale works have been installed here in San Francisco/Bay Area. ¬†Come back soon as I start to catalog them in this post…

Stone River, 2001, Cantor Art Museum, Stanford
Drawn Stone, 2005 deYoung Museum, San Francisco

In the Presidio (view the PDF brochure):

Spire, 2006, Presidio, San Francisco
Wood Line, 2010, Presidio, San Francisco
Tree Fall, 2013, Presidio, San Francisco