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pay attention…

the love of love…

Posted on May 3, 2013 by aks

It was the love of love,
the love that swallows up all else,
a grateful love,
a love of nature, of people,
of animals,
a love engendering
gentleness and goodness
that moved me
and that I saw in you.

excerpt from Asphodel, That Greeny Flower
– William Carlos Williams

Reminiscent of last year’s drawing practice, here is a digital drawing that was inspired by nature and by a poem from William Carlos Williams. I found this poem following¬†a reference from Allen Ginsberg’s Tears to William Carlos Williams’¬†Paterson to this poem which in turn references The Asphodel Meadow from Homer’s Odyssey.


A Love of Nature II, digital drawing


A Love of Nature, pen on paper, 10 x 10 inches

A Love of Nature I, pen on paper, 10 x 10 inches


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