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pay attention...

pay attention…

week 31: see things differently

Posted on August 6, 2012 by aks

And that’s what art’s about, isn’t it? … It makes you see things in a different way than you would normally.

– Andy Goldsworthy

My recent work with paper and wood has led me to Andy Goldsworthy to search for new inspiration. Goldsworthy is a sculptor who works with natural materials such as stone, wood, even ice to construct sculptures that are often juxtaposed against nature. The work is sometimes ephemeral – lasting long enough to experience it on film.  I think the above quote captures why I love his work so much.  There is a quality in his art that makes you stop for a moment and look at our natural surroundings in a different way. I’m not sure what I like better – that it makes you stop and look or that it makes you see something differently.

So here is one more week of working and experimenting with paper…still not sure where this all is leading me but I am getting more comfortable being in a state of experimentation.

paper line

paper line

folded paper


folded paper


See things differently, pencil on paper, 10 x 10 inches

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