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pay attention…

Meetings with the Sea

Posted on October 13, 2015 by aks


An art companion shared a poem she wrote awhile back. It paired so well with a painting I did awhile back and just installed. I’m now emerging and getting my meeting(s) with the sea set up. Her words also inspired me to write a new poem (haven’t felt like writing or creating in ages, so thank you Hanna!)

Excerpt from the poem, The Ocean
by Hanna M Hedley (age 9!)

I walked along the seashore
The wind in my face
All the while thinking
What a lovely place…


Meetings with the Sea

All I can imagine right now is
Returning to the deep salty sea
Where my body and soul feel no cold
Breathe the moist musky air
And open again
to become one with the vast ocean
No boundaries
No words
No made up limitations

There is only wisdom in fearing that
When I return
The ocean will consume me again
As nature does
Seeming to laugh at our choices and indecision
Yet here I am
So formal — and fated in some uncertain way
to put aside this solitude
And set up afternoon meetings with the sea

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