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pay attention...

pay attention…

Moon and Darkness

Posted on November 16, 2015 by aks


Here All This Time
13 November 2015

Had the strangest feeling
Noticing the sliver of a moon
Gently bearing her soul
As I flew into the San Francisco skies
Her presence lingered after take off
Appearing in the twilight
With a thin light more alluring
as the light of the sun disappears

Time passes,
and she becomes a distant memory
A moment cherished
that will never come again
Funny how we learn to move on from
those moments of wonder
Back to the routines of our existence
Seatbelts on, drink, eat, sleep, repeat

And then, just before landing,
in a slow dance with time,
a light captures my eye
A different crescent, darker yet brighter
An orange halo and a barely discernible orb,
She quivers in the pitch black,
remains elusive in the sky
And I suddenly know
Even unseen, she is always with me

I am compelled to look deeper
into the sadness that hides
in this darkness I feel,
Even squint to regain a memory
But what I find instead
is a sky full of stars
Overwhelmed by a sense of surprise, joy,
I recognize these companions that have been
Here all this time

What a gift in the moon and stars
and even this darkness
A memory and a will to
keep looking, keep seeing,
keep hoping, keep believing,
keep forgiving, keep loving,
keep creating, keep healing

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