art by Arlene Kim Suda

pay attention...

pay attention…

On a Winter Solstice (poem on 2015.12.21)

Posted on December 21, 2015 by aks


sometimes a thought
comes into my head
out of nowhere – like a memory
or is it a premonition?
Today I couldn’t help but feel
that my purpose
in this lifetime
is to be a sponge
that soaks up pain
to remove from our world
What if those feelings
could be dispersed
by spreading paint onto a canvas?
The more I see suffering,
the more I see how it
often resides in the ego…
Dido and Aeneas,
Hero and Leander,
Orpheus and Eurydice,
all the players in the tragic
love songs and stories we know
So much love
So much suffering
Can we see the healing
if we remove the concept of ME?
Maybe this pain I feel every time
I walk outside and notice
how much everyone hurts,
how much people just need
someone to listen,
can be lessened as it filters
through my being,
OUR noticing
It is the only sense I can make
of this life
To accept,
and draw a faint line
with the hope the suffering
is taken away from someone else
our actions in our lifetime
just balance
our oneness
our completeness
with each other
in this illusion
of self and time

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