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pay attention...

pay attention…

In the silence of the night

Posted on March 29, 2016 by aks

Another poem that came to me in the middle of the night. The moon was so bright I couldn’t sleep. I seem to have this connection to the moon — it inspires so much of my writing.

In the silence of the night
29 March 2016

In the silence of the night
I hear time passing
A quiet purr
And a heart’s rhythm
My private 4’33” concert is
A song played to the waning moon
at this sacred hour

Moon light
Shining down on us
And our darkness
Exposing the wear and tear
From the effort of being here
Like a fine crack in a sturdy cup
Holding together now
But slowly leaking water
that it used to contain
So dutifully and with so much

Moon light
When your source is no longer so full
And your brightness
can start to be fathomed
You disperse
The confusion and doubt
And remind me
Our gifts can emerge
Untangled from the cracks and broken pieces
To unburden us a little from life’s

Only then does this
pain of the ages
Dissipate into the softness of

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