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pay attention...

pay attention…

Why Art?

Posted on May 12, 2016 by aks
The winds must come from somewhere when they blow...

The winds must come from
somewhere when they blow…

Why does art matter? is a question that I have been thinking about a lot lately. After much thought, there really is only one BIG reason…

12 May 2016

Art inspires through beauty
Touches those elusive feelings
we all have in us
Gives us a way to express
and in doing so, to honor our voice,
our gifts that are often
hidden, obscured
even from ourselves

Art teaches us to become
comfortable (or at least familiar) with
So we are able to become
more courageous in our lives
Art can lift our spirits,
help us to discover new possibilities,
to share this hope with others,
To connect.
All by taking risks
we normally wouldn’t
because of fear or doubt

Art is really all about love

Love for ourselves
and those around us –
the gifts and potential
we all have
and that we have to nurture
in each other

Love for our world
expressed through
an awareness, a presence, a sensitivity,
a seeing of the miracles
around us
and the miracles
we can make while here

Love for our one precious chance
at this life
that we’ve been given –
no matter how hard
it can be
to be here at times

Love and art are what make
being here
worth the effort,
worth everything

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