art by Arlene Kim Suda

pay attention...

pay attention…

Broken and unbroken

Posted on June 15, 2016 by aks
broken and unbroken, prototype #2

broken and unbroken, prototype II

Broken & Unbroken
Aren’t our lives made up of
passing moments of illusions?
We try so hard,
want so badly
to be whole,
for our lives to make sense.
But in truth we and our world
are fragmented –
Made up of lightness and darkness,
love and fear,
various levels of clarity and obscurity,
moments of joyful glimmering,
and painful doubt.
Every so often,
can we step back,
Slow down and
To see, to feel, to respect
this life as unique and beautiful
just as it is –
a fragmented, unpredictable,
always passing,
broken wholeness

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