art by Arlene Kim Suda

pay attention...

pay attention…

2 weeks

Posted on July 11, 2016 by aks



I used to think
That I was blessed to have
A short memory
2 weeks
Is usually my limit
For forgetting
Good things or bad
Time takes away the traces
Of the intense feelings
And dulls them
A sharp blade that
loses its edge
So it can’t hurt
but also can’t help anymore

Something in my memory
always brings me back to the sea
How it erases and erodes,
Breaks down and forms
Until the whole
World as we know it
Is unrecognizable
2 million,
200 million years passed by
Just a blink of an eye

And I start to see
In my simple forgetting
There is an ancestral
Always present
Obscured in shadows
A deep knowing —
A memory of the sea
What it washed away,
Broke down, stole,
Uncovered —
The lost feelings
The silences, the scars
The dulled knives
From 2 weeks ago
2 years ago
20 years ago
Or longer?

I’m blessed
with a short memory
But haunted by a long one
Sometimes I feel I know
how the story ends
But I go
through the motions anyways
And try to forget

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