art by Arlene Kim Suda

pay attention...

pay attention…


Posted on October 23, 2016 by aks

I’m blessed and cursed by chronic awakeness at 3am at times. Here are words that came last night.


Swirling thoughts
Make up my mind
But only in time
She tells me

Ancient memories
Pass us by
Infinitely tossed
By wind, sea and sky

Messages of love
Messages abound
From a kindred poet
Tuned to nature’s sounds

Suffering of the ages
Finding its way in
Back to our lives
An unresolved pain

Gate of ivory
Gate of horn
Ancestral direction
Misleading us again

Pick up the pieces
Of longing and loss
Moments of clarity
Moments of fog

Forgive don’t forget
Re-read the book
Don’t become angry
Follow your gut

We are all divine
Deserving, yet small
Responsible for reclaiming
Our own gate of horn

Quiet the mind
Bow before the sword
See the power in our hands
To find the right chord

Caldron of energy
Kaleidescope of my heart
A geyser of creation
A fountain of love

Desire and sadness
Can’t be held back
Give me the power
To receive and record

Records of the mystery
Connection to our fall
Reminding me why
We make things at all

Lessons of the ages
Inscribed in our blood
Flowing through our bodies
Transmitted in touch

The records are here
to help us remember
Those that came before
Those that became us

So listen to the music
Read the poem and book
Go see the picture
Open your eyes, really look

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