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pay attention...

pay attention…

Dream #116

Posted on November 8, 2016 by aks


When something comes to me in a dream, I often feel I need to write it down. This is a strange one from just a couple nights ago. Still not sure what it means. I’m sharing it because I feel so helpless about this election – I feel a sadness that so many people feel they are being left behind in our country and that this seems to be the right answer for them.

Dream #116

I’m sitting quietly with my friend
In the garden by a house
We are watching baby birds in a nest
How unusual that each
seems to be a different kind of bird
But they are so young
they see themselves as all the same
There are 3 nests here
One for momma
One for the babies
And one closer to the house
We notice people helping
to move the birds from
one nest to another
Everyone, including the birds,
seems fine with this arrangement
Though we watch and wonder
if they are being harmed
having their natural state altered —
Who really knows
the answer to these things?
After leaving for a short time
We return right at 4pm
All the birds are gone
Not one bird is
to be seen or heard anywhere
in the skies or in the trees
There is an eerie silence in the skies
And we wonder
where do all the birds go
at this time of day?
We have an overwhelming sense they are ok,
but it’s almost like
they all had a meeting to attend
somewhere far away from here —
Just as I start to think of
Aristophanes’ book, The Birds,
A postman arrives
Handing me a letter that says:
“At this hour of ‘heaven’
There is someone trying to
understand your poem”


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